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At Social Wellness Co. we analyze, understand and constantly deliver results through content marketing strategies designed to build communities, not just one-off customers.

Working with us means developing a story-telling plan that gets your audience excited from the moment they hit your feed to the moment they decide to buy from you.

This is why we go above and beyond just social media. We consider your brand core and what kind of content your audience loves to consume so that their digital experience is a memorable one!

Meet Jenni:
Our Founder

Welcome to Social Wellness Co., my name is Jenni and I created this boutique content marketing agency out of a combined passion for wellness & marketing. After years in the blogging and product promotion world, I started freelancing as a social media and content manager and realized that my place in this world is as a digital content strategist. I love learning about brands and how to tell their story through ALL digital content opportunities: social media, website & blogging, product photography, advertising and video content.

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Looking for advice on how to create content that really connects with your audience? It’s our mission to help you find success with your own marketing. We’ve got you covered with tips and tools to help you establish a consistent brand feel that will really elevate your efforts!



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