Inside scoop: If you are building a business, there’s NO doubt… Canva is essential, and you’re going to LOVE these 10 Canva Pro Hacks that will make you a content creation machine!

Here at the Social Wellness Co, we are head over heels in love with Canva Pro and we are on a mission to ensure you are too. 


Because Canva is the leading online graphic design platform that makes it easy to create beautifully branded content that connects with your target audience and helps you to convert your product or offer with visually stunning content. From Instagram posts to YouTube videos, sleek presentations to Pinterest pins, Canva is THE tool to help you to create content that will help to grow your business. 

Is Canva Pro Worth it?

When you start using Canva, you will quickly realize that the Pro version is definitely worth it. The Canva Pro hacks far succeed the free version and give you access to more dynamic content capabilities like video, music, stop motion, stickers, more detailed graphics etc. Canva Pro is a very small business investment in the grand scheme of things and we ABSOLUTELY recommend it.

There is so much you can do on Canva that will save you time, streamline your processes, and help you to stay on brand. We want to make creating your social content easy so we’ll be sharing all our Canva Pro hacks, tricks and tips, starting with our top 10 hidden features that you can find when you upgrade today!

Let’s dive in…


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10 Amazing Canva Pro Hacks Made to Amplify Your Content Creation


 1: Create branded video content

With a click of a button, you can choose to create videos for so many platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube or Instagram to name a few. This instantly takes the guesswork and stress out of creating videos for different platforms. With many templates to choose from, images, graphics and audio, you can easily create and edit fully branded videos all in one place. Video content is king in 2021, so using Canva Pro to elevate your content creation could be a game-changer in your business.


2: Add audio or upload your own audio

 Want to easily add audio to your creations? Well, that’s easy with this Canva Pro hack. Just look on the vertical side bar and click on audio and find a large library to choose from or even upload your own. They’ve categorised all the audio to help you choose the perfect match. Once you’ve found the one, simply add it and trim it to suit your creation in just a few easy steps. You can find some amazing stock audio at our favorite (cost-effective we may add) stock content and template (royalty free) platform, Envato Elements.


Email signature made in Canva

3: Email Signatures

Have you ever received an email from a company that had a killer signature that made you feel, well, jealous? Email signatures are one of the best ways to show off your brand, your credibility and to build trust with your contacts. Plus they make you feel good every time you send an email! They are so easy to make in Canva. We have some free email signature templates to help too, check them out here. 

4: Stop Motion Animation

Bringing movement into your graphics is an easy way to make your content stand out from the crowd. With Canva Pro, you have lots more animations to choose from. Simply click on animate and instantly add animation to your social posts or presentations. Choose from pop, drift or our favourite scrapbook. Once you’re done download your work as a GIF or video. We love using this for presentations and Pinterest video pins. If you are looking for photography stop-motion animation, you can also check out Lifelapse app!

5: Shortcuts

The team at Canva are all about making life easier for you, so they made sure that all the universal keyboard shortcuts that you might be familiar with work on Canva too. They’ve even made an infographic here, that lets you know all the handy shortcuts for your design process. Thanks, Canva.


6: Creating your own GIFs

 Yes, you can even make your own GIFs. Is there anything that Canva Pro can’t do? Similar to stop motion animation, when you are creating your designs you can choose to animate different elements and then simply press download as a GIF. It really is that simple.

7: Brand Kits

This is one of our favourite Canva Pro hacks because it will save you so much time! With the brand kit on premium, you can have an unlimited number of brand kits where you can collate all of your colours, fonts, graphics, and your logo. Then every time you are creating something you can quickly access your branding to make the process so much easier.

8: Transparent background download

This is so useful for your business. We’ve lost count of how many times when we need to use our designs with a transparent background for our website and other work, so we use Canva. Simply choose the design you need and when you go to download make sure you choose the PNG format and you will see a tick box to select transparent and there you have it. There’s also the new Background Remover tool, where you can simply remove any background on an image.

 9: TikTok & Reel templates

 Yes, that’s right, Canva has a huge range of TikTok and Instagram Reel templates to make it so easy to stay ahead of the curve and create engaging video content. With Canva Premium you can upload these straight to your social media accounts too, which means no more downloading and uploading, saving you so much time and energy.

10: Link in bio

 This is a game-changer. Gone are the days where you have to choose one URL for your Instagram Bio and gone are the days where you have to rely on Linktree’s subpar free capabilities. With Canva Premium, you can create beautifully branding link pages that can take your visitor anywhere you want them to go. Not only are there endless design options, images, animations to use, they automatically build in responsive design so that your creation will look great on a laptop or mobile.

 BONUS! If you’re looking for quick access, AMAZING Canva link in bio templates, we have just dropped them in our monthly Canva template release. You can download them for free here.

Canva pro hacks

So we’ve come to the end of our top 10 Canva Pro Hacks. Can you see why we LOVE Canva Pro so much! It’s a game-changer for creating such a wide range of branded content for your business. If you’re on the free Canva plan it’s time to step up and get Pro with access to thousands more templates, images, videos and features. For such a small investment it could be a huge benefit. It’s easy just click on our affiliate link to sign up.

And as always, we are here to help. If you have any Canva questions or you’re looking for support with your digital marketing or social media strategies, you can contact us for a free discovery call.