What’s inside: If you are looking to grow your email list with engaged potential customers, lead magnets and incentives is how to do it. We have 5 great lead magnet ideas to get you started.

So many small business owners get hung up on social media and forget that email marketing is one of THE BEST ways to 1) attract 2) nurture and 3) convert your audience to paid customers.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels out there, and in our honest to goodness opinion building a strong email list seems harder than growing your social channels, but it’s not. It can be easier and so much more impactful (if you do it right)!

So, what’s the most effective way to grow your email list organically, authentically and with people who actually care about your brand and your offer?

…Lead magnets & incentives, of course!

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of information that you give to your audience for free in return for them opting into your email list. Another way to get people to subscribe is by offering them a discount on their first order (usually e-commerce focused). Whether you offer a lead magnet or an incentive (discount), the goal is to capture emails so that you can retarget them with valuable information about your brand.

All of this sounds great, right?

We also live in a world where everyone wants you on their list and we all use our personal emails as spam collection tools.

So, how do you stand out from the pack?


  • Offer an immense amount of value
  • Keep your brand message on-point
  • Don’t spam your audience
  • Purge your email list of inactive subscribers
  • And get valuable leads on your list with lead magnets that make sense to your niche and brand

Ready to dive in?

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Here are 5 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas That You Can Use to Start Building Your List Today!

 1: Mini e-guides & training

You are an expert in your field, you know your ideal customers’ pain points and how you can help them. So show them how with a mini e-guide filled with knowledge that only you know and that will change your audience’s lives (only slightly).

The only thing about training and guides is that you don’t want to offer too much information because your product has an actual monetary value to it. The goal of a lead magnet is to end up selling your product to your customers.

So make it short and sweet:

  • 5 ways to…
  • Infographics
  • A series of 3-minute videos
  • 10 tips on…

The best place to make your guide and e-book? Canva! Upgrade to Canva Pro to unlock THE BEST features.


Email signature made in Canva

2: Prompts or scripts

Have you ever thought to yourself…

How do I start a caption? What are some great social media ideas? How do I write out a sales email?

We love a good list of prompts or copy scripts because… well most business owners aren’t copywriters and need help kicking off an idea.

If you can help your audience, make their lives easier, they will connect with you. Trust us!

Some prompt ideas:

  • 10 social media captions to get you started
  • 3 email templates
  • Sales pitch scripts

If you also love a good prompt, check out these 15 Ideas to Use on Your Social Media Accounts!

3: Lists and checklists

Lists and checklists are always a good choice because they are high converting and oh so easy for your ideal client to consume because they solve their problem quickly. 

They are also great because they can be printed and hung in an office or on a fridge.

You can turn almost any part of your business into a checklist for your audience: 

  • Skincare routine checklist
  • Healthy morning checklist
  • Daily financial health checklist
  • Protect the environment… you get the point…

A good place to start is to take a look at your old blog posts and see if any can be easily turned into a checklist for your lead magnet.


4: Special discounts/ sales code

Who doesn’t love a discount code?… That’s right no one. 

They are so irresistible which makes them the perfect lead magnet. Although potentially more suited to product based businesses, they can be effective for service based businesses as well.

Next time you plan on having a discount code, ask your audience to sign up to receive the code so you can capture that data.

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5: Quiz

Everybody loves a good quiz! Buzzfeed even has their own Instagram channel with 237 thousand followers that is strictly dedicated to silly quizzes.

But seriously, quizzes are easy fun ways to connect with your potential clients that can be incredibly effective. Think along the lines of ‘discover your personality type’ or ‘ find your writing style’. Make sure that it’s a topic that your ideal client is interested in knowing the answer to. Also, quick reminder, always give the results after someone has signed up to your email list!

The 3 Golden Rules for lead magnets

  1. Your lead magnet should always link back to what you offer.
  2. It should clearly state how it can solve your clients’ problems.
  3. It should easily provide that desired result.

So do you feel energised and excited to make that lead magnet? Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

But if you do struggle with content marketing and just want some extra help then why not check out our free email marketing training that will give you the confidence to start growing that email list.

We are also more than happy to help answer any questions so book onto a free discovery call with us and see how we can help to grow your business.