About us

Where it all began…


Welcome to Social Wellness Co., where brands come to find an authentic connection to their ideal audience.

Social Wellness Co. was started in 2019 after our founder came to a realization that there was a huge gap in the market for social media and content professionals in the health and wellness space.

After successfully co-running Naughty Nutrition for 4 years, building a digital footprint in the wellness community and running promotions for many food brands in North America, our founder, Jenni Bourque decided to bring her knowledge of digital marketing mainstream.

She has spent countless hours researching digital marketing, perfecting food photography, writing promotions and being a campaign manager that launching Social Wellness Co. came naturally as the next step in her career path.

Social Wellness Co. offers experience in social media strategies, social media campaigns, growth and management, natural health product promotions, influencer marketing, health blogging, promotional copy, building webinars and workshops and recipe development/ food photography/ product photography.

Social Wellness Co. is where brands go to connect.