What’s inside: Instagram changes are SO 2022 – We’re teaching you how to use Instagram for your business so that you can create long-term success in 2023!


If you’re not using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy in 2023, why though?

Instagram is no longer solely a social media app for sharing pictures and connecting with family and friends around the world. It has become an online platform necessary to grow your business, one that can be used as a touchpoint for any part of your marketing funnel. 

That being said, Instagram has changed so much over the years that business owners and social media managers have become increasingly discouraged. From algorithm shifts to massive upgrades, to turning the platform into a video-only platform, we’re all feeling a little IG-fatigued, leading us all to question… does Instagram STILL work for digital marketing?

And if so… how?

Check it – Instagram is still one of the most used platforms, with almost 1.5 billion users, monthly, around the world with the majority of users being Millenials or Gen Zed-ers (over 60%). 

Instagram also happens to be a relatively easy app to learn and operate, with multiple in-app features that make it accessible to a broader audience, like alt-text and auto-generated captions, among others.


how to use instagram for your business

Here’s How to Actually USE Instagram For Your Business as a Marketing Tool in 2023:

So if you’re already on the platform, you’re no stranger to all the changes that have happened.  Here are 6 changes that we’re facing as we embrace 2023. 

1. SEO & Keyword Optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) on Instagram is all about creating your content so that it is seen by as many eyes as possible – read: it is essential for your discoverability. Instagram’s algorithm constantly gathers information to understand what the post is about and who, in turn, might benefit from seeing it. 

Later.com, one of the largest social media scheduling platforms, outlines that there are 5 key SEO tactics to improve discoverability: 

  • Write descriptive captions with keywords

  • Add keywords to your Instagram profile name

  • Include up to 30 relevant hashtags

  • Add descriptive alt text to your Instagram posts 

  • Be Consistent with your niche

To read more about it, you can check out the article at Later.com

2. Use and Utilize Reels

Photo sharing, to video sharing, back to photo sharing… who knows what the future holds for Instagram? One thing is certain: MANY content creators and business owners are seeing a huge amount of reach telling their brand stories through reel content.

While we believe that clever in-feed content is still effective, it’s no longer optional not to consider Reels in your social media strategy. They are strongly favoured by the algorithm, which means they’re more likely to be pushed out to new audiences and put in front of new eyes

The key is to make it engaging and tell a story. You can never go wrong with good on-brand storytelling!

3. Roll with the New Updates

Does Anyone else get nervous when they see another video by Mosseri?

There have been quite a few new updates over the last year, and there will always be more. So rather than fighting against the change, here are 3 ways we’re embracing it.

  • Following prominent creators in our industry; they’re usually the first ones to get any updates or trial-runs in the app

  • Following Instagram-operated accounts, like @creators, that provide information of new features and updates

  • Educating ourselves through social media blogs that breakdown the updates, like Later.com (mentioned above) or Hootsuite or training sessions

The social media landscape is always evolving, so if you don’t stay up-to-date, you may fall behind!

how to use instagram for your business

4. Understanding Your Low Reach

You’re not alone if you feel your content is having lower reach than in the past. With all the new updates, Instagram’s reach is lower than ever for many creators and brands. The algorithm is constantly adapting to figure out how to show the right content to the right people.

One way we’re embracing this is by staying consistent and true to your brand. A dip in reach is bound to happen, but your audience still needs to get their information. And as the Instagram audio goes, “It’s just one flop, not a flop era.” – we had to add that in there!

5. Engage!

With all the aesthetic feeds and curated photos, we often forget that Instagram is a social media platform. So get social! Engagement on posts is becoming increasingly important to get your content out in front of a new audience. 

Ask questions, encourage shares and saves, and leave – genuine – responses on accounts that elicit a reaction out of you! We’re excited to go into 2023 and continue to grow our community. 

6. Clear out Your Overly Promotional Content to Avoid Ad Fatigue

If you’re seeing the conversion metrics for your ads or promotional content start to go down, you’re not alone. 

Instagram’s algorithm is showing more sponsored content to users than ever before. In fact, each month, there are 2 million advertisers on Instagram so it’s no surprise that your audience is getting tired.

Here are 4 ways to get out of the ad fatigue rut:

  • Change up the creative

  • Use user generated to promote your products

  • Try a new ad format

  • Adjust your audience targeting

These changes to Instagram are happening to all of us and as much as we’d like to complain and just wish for the old Instagram back – pleeease, Mosseri? – we need to embrace the change and work with the algorithm.

Now that you know how to make Instagram WERK for your business in 2023, check out this blog post on how to build a SOLID Content Calendar for your brand! Trust the process.

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